Duodecim baza smjernica: Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines (EBMG)


Hrvatska liječnička komora omogućila je do 29. veljače 2020. svim liječnicima iz Hrvatske besplatan pristup europskoj bazi smjernica Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines (EBMG). Ova baza finskog liječničkog društva Duodecim prvenstveno je namijenjena liječnicima u primarnoj zdravstvenoj zaštiti, ali može biti korisna i bolničkim liječnicima.
Bazi se može pristupiti OVDJE

Molimo Vas da tijekom veljače koristite bazu i obavijestite nas o svojim dojmovima na mail: duodecim@hlk.hr

Više o EBMG:

Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines (EBMG) is an easy-to-use collection of clinical guidelines for primary and ambulatory care linked to the best available evidence. Continuously updated, EBMG follows the latest developments in clinical medicine and brings evidence into practice.
EBMG is designed to provide you with the information you need quickly (seconds, not minutes) and using a single search term. Designed for use at the point of care, the guidelines are delivered in a format that makes it easy for a clinician to make a decision regarding treatment.

The EBMG database includes:
* Nearly 1,000 concise primary care practice guidelines
* Over 4,000 quality-graded evidence summaries, supporting the given recommendations
* Powerful software and indexing (including MeSH and UMLS), enabling quick and effective searching
* An expanding collection of videos (currently over 60), showing clinical examinations and procedures, and ultrasonographic examinations
* A searchable library of 1,400 high-quality photographs and images including extensive collections of dermatological and eye images
* Audio samples linked to articles, including descriptions of pulmonary diseases and heart murmurs in children
* EBMG integration with DynaMed Plus by Ebsco Health is available in some markets.
* Tools for the calculation of e.g. peak expiratory flow rate variation, body mass index and LDL cholesterol

EBMG is published online in English, Finnish, Flemish, French, German and Turkish.
The process used by Duodecim Publishing Company Ltd to produce EBM Guidelines and Evidence Summaries has been accredited by NHS Evidence.
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